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Online therapy for cybersexual addiction in Cambridge

Cybersexual and pornography addiction

I offer help to those who suffer with issues around porn, sex and cybersex addiction (online throughout the UK and Europe via video chat like FaceTime, What'sApp and Skype* or telephone) whether as a user, partner, family member or in some other way. Read on for further details of my services; alternatively, you can visit my relationship and sexual issues website or the Porn Recovery UK blog for other information that might help users, partners, family members or therapists.

Just as alcohol intake or food consumption can ‘get out of hand’, so the Internet has become an unhappy addiction for many thousands of people.

Engaging in cybersexual and cyber-relational activities might seem exciting when you first become a user, as do telephone chatlines. These forms of communication and entertainment allow you to develop whole new personalities depending on your mood and desire. You can be taller, smaller, thinner, more muscular, blonder, darker … Your online/phone hours seem like an escape from your real life – which might feel lonely, depressing and full of anxieties, or marked by marital discord, work-related stress or financial problems. However, rather than being a genuine escape from these difficulties, chatrooms, porn and chatlines tend to mask your real-life problems.

You might already have noticed for yourself, or had it pointed out to you by someone else, that you seem preoccupied with the Internet. Perhaps you have noticed that if you try to cut down your use of the Internet or chatlines you feel:

  • moody
  • depressed
  • irritable, or
  • weak-willed.
The very thing you were using to escape the realities of your life might now have become one of your biggest problems. Perhaps you have found that if a loved one challenges you about the time you spend on the Internet you become:

  • defensive
  • angry, or
  • begin to hide your usage.
If you recognise that your use of the Internet or telephone chatlines is a problem in your life, then support is available. Talking therapies such as the one I use in my own practice can help you to unravel the underlying difficulty that is being covered up by the use of such media. Click the Porn Recovery UK website for much more detailed information about cybersexual and pornography addictions. You can also find help, information and support for users, partners and therapists on the Porn Recovery UK blog.

If you would like help you can email me confidentially.

Useful publication

Cyber Addictions. turnedon

My book Turned On: Intimacy in a pornized society is a three-part psychotherapy tale published by THE WiTTING PRESS. The book might help you or a partner understand the long process towards desensitisation through excessive use of pornography, cybersex and telephone chatlines 'addiction'. An adapted version of Chapter three is available to read on the Porn Recovery UK blog. The book is available for purchase from

'This book might be anxiety provoking for some, but Duncan's sensitively written, non-judgemental style ultimately makes it a story of hope.' P Mills (integrative therapist).

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Telephone and Skype sessions are now available.
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All calls and messages are confidential.
I also take referrals from businesses, GPs and other therapists.

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