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How I work

We use a staggering number of different labels and names in the therapy professions for the various theoretical approaches from which our work has developed. The British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy currently lists 27 approaches on its website but there are certainly a great many more than that in current common usage. Thankfully, in practice, you don’t have to understand these labels and jargon, since the fact is that no one theoretical approach has been proven to work better than all the others. What we do know, though, is that the relationship you develop in the therapy space can have a major influence on the effective outcome of a therapeutic treatment Lambert and Barley (2001). Put simply, therapy works well with someone you feel comfortable with.

I like to think of my way of working with people (individually, in couples, sex therapy) as creating an individual therapy for that person or couple that is unique, facilitating and with direction. By using an integrative framework I can draw on a wide range of techniques and approaches fulfilling this way of working. Additionally, as a trained hypnotherapist (GHR), I can show you useful self-hypnosis techniques to manage your own anxieties, especially those around sexual issues.

Duncan E. Stafford MBACP Accredited and Registered.
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