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Psychosexual supervision in Cambridge

Supervision of sexual caseloads

If you are a therapist, and actively work with sex, you’ll probably agree with me that one of the commonly weak areas in the general training of counsellors and psychotherapists is the lack of focus on sexual difficulties. To my mind this is one of the greatest oversights of contemporary training, especially when you consider how often sexual relationship issues are a presenting issue in the consulting room.

Since the Internet explosion early this century, new relationship issues and difficulties have arisen. The use of webcams for sexual acting out, online married affairs websites, sites for booking escorts and online streaming of pornography, for example, are all staggeringly commonly used and play an active role in relationship difficulties and breakdown.

I have more than 20 years’ experience of delivering supervision, and nearly two decades of inquiry and work in the area of sex. I have written about sex and about supervision for magazines as diverse as Glamour and Therapy Today, consulted for Channel 4 and the BBC in the production of a number of documentaries on users’ experiences with porn, devised and run workshops in this subject area for various organisations (including the BACP’s AUCC conference) and written a book, Turned On: Intimacy in a pornized society (WiTTING Press 2010); buy on Amazon.

I am always happy to act as a specialist supervisor for your sexual caseload on an ongoing basis or for specialist input on an as-required basis. Whatever your professional needs are in this area of work, I’ll be pleased to discuss them with you and help to support your work in an ethical and professional supervision space.

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